Who Uses Security Storage?

Our Customers

People on the Move

Moving in or out? Security Storage is the ideal way to store your household goods and personal belongings until you find that “new” place. With Security Storage you avoid container storage, loading and unloading charges, and access fees. We can even store your automobile.

Apartment & Condominium Dwellers / Mobile Home Owners

We’ll store your household “leftovers”. From a roomful to houseful, we have the unit size you need. Great for sporting equipment, boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, out-of-season clothing, or any other storage requirements.

Home Owners

Security Storage is the perfect answer for that everyday clutter such as excess furniture, hobby equipment, camp trailers, boats, tractors, snowblowers, and sporting goods.


At Security Storage you can store old records and seldom-used equipment and have it readily available when the need arises. We can even store items that are held up in estate settlement or litigation.


Security Storage can store equipment, tools, and materials as well as plans, records, and other dead storage that takes up needed space.


Here’s that extra space you need for inventory, either long term or seasonal in nature, and money saving special purchases. Our system gives you the advantage of adjusting your space periodically as your needs fluctuate, plus on-site security. Security Storage is also perfect for seasonal promotional displays. Convenient shipment receiving can be arranged. Forklift truck service is available on-site.

Distributors & Salespeople

Security Storage is the answer to bulk shipments, hold orders, samples, sales kits, and other demonstrator equipment that you now have in your garage or cellar. Our facility is safe, convenient, and your possessions are readily available to you. Package receiving and forklift truck services are available.

Students & Service Personnel

Going home for the summer, or going on a temporary assignment? Here is the perfect, safe, low-cost storage for the belongings you’ll leave behind. Everything from clothing to furniture to an automobile!